Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New PipesBathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

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Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

When I decided to add a pedestal sink and claw foot tub to my bathroom, I had no idea how much new plumbing I had to run. Since I had never run pipes before, I wasn't sure how to do it properly. I did a lot of research before I started so that I could be sure that I was doing it right. As I was researching, I knew that it would be helpful to have all of the information I found in one place. That was the inspiration for this site. I hope that the plumbing resources help you with your next home improvement project.

Problems Your Home's Sump Pump Can Encounter

A sump pump system that is malfunctioning will not be able to provide your home or building with the level of protection that you were expecting from it. This can position you so that you are at a greater risk of encountering property damage due to water accumulating in the lower areas of the house.

Clogged Drain Line

The design of a sump pump system will involve a drain line that will fill with water before the pump empties it. Unfortunately, it can be possible for the drain line itself to become clogged. This can prevent the water from effectively entering this system, which can lead to it accumulating in the lower areas of the house. Cleaning the drain grate can help to reduce the risk of clogs developing by minimizing the amount of debris that is able to get inside this drain line. Unfortunately, if a clog has developed, you may not be able to effectively remove it yourself due to difficulties with reaching it. However, a sump pump contractor will have tools that allow them to reach deep into the drain line to remove clogs wherever they may have formed.

Not Activating When Water Collects In The Line

An automatic sensor will allow the pump to activate once the drain line has started to accumulate water. If there are problems with this sensor, the pump may not activate. This can lead to stagnant and foul-smelling water forming in this line as well as increasing the risk of the drain line eventually overflowing. If you have noticed that your sump pump is experiencing this problem, it may be necessary to have the sensors replaced. This can be an affordable and relatively quick repair, which can help to ensure that you are able to quickly schedule a sump pump repair contractor when this problem starts to occur.

Failing To Effectively Remove The Water From The Collector

If your sump pump system has suffered significant wear, its overall performance could actually decrease to the point where it is no longer removing all of the water that has gathered in the collector. This is often the case due to the power of the sump pump decreasing as the drive belt and other mechanical components become damaged from wear. A sump pump repair contractor will be able to conduct an assessment of your system to determine the cause of the unit's troubles and complete any necessary repairs to get the unit running at full power again.

If your sump pump isn't working as it should, reach out to a professional who provides sump pump repair