Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New PipesBathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

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Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

When I decided to add a pedestal sink and claw foot tub to my bathroom, I had no idea how much new plumbing I had to run. Since I had never run pipes before, I wasn't sure how to do it properly. I did a lot of research before I started so that I could be sure that I was doing it right. As I was researching, I knew that it would be helpful to have all of the information I found in one place. That was the inspiration for this site. I hope that the plumbing resources help you with your next home improvement project.

4 Questions To Ask A Plumbing Contractor About Your Home’s Plumbing Rough-In

If you bought a home with a "rough-in" for a bathroom, this generally means that there's an unfinished space in your home that already has the ventilation and piping in place to add a bathroom down the road. Often, rough-ins are found in unfinished basements. If you're thinking about completing a rough-in and adding a bathroom in your home, you'll want to find a local plumbing contractor who is familiar and experienced in this type of work. Read More 

Four Benefits Of Hydrojetting Your Drains

Hydrojetting is a particular type of drain cleaning that uses a high-pressured spray of water to clean out any built-up debris or blockages that may exist. Unlike drain snakes, which use a physical snake to go through your plumbing, or a plunger, which uses air pressure and is powered by hand. Due to the distinctive method of operation that hydrojetting entails, cleaning your drains in this method carries a number of unique benefits over other types of drain cleaning. Read More 

4 Interesting Facts About Copper Piping

Maintaining your home is challenging at times because of all the different tasks that are necessary. In most cases, you will consider certain tasks priorities, such as mowing the lawn and cleaning your floors. However, you should place some time and energy into understanding your home's plumbing pipes. In many homes today, copper is used in plumbing pipes, but most people are not familiar with this material. Here are a few interesting facts regarding your home's copper pipes. Read More 

Get The Answers To The Questions You Have About Toilet Leaks

If your toilet sounds like it is running constantly, you may have a toilet leak. A toilet leak causes water to be wasted and increases your utility bill. It can also shorten the lifespan of the toilet and its connected plumbing. However, many homeowners are not sure how to tell whether they have a toilet leak, what causes toilet leaks and what to do if they have a toilet leak. Here are a few common questions you may have about this topic and the answers. Read More 

Don’t Get Caught In Hot Water: These 2 Water Heater Emergencies Require Your Immediate Attention

Hot water is an underappreciated convenience. Washing dishes, taking showers and doing laundry just aren't the same without it. However, sometimes a problem with your water heater occurs that requires the attention of a professional plumber. Homeowners should not attempt to service their water heaters themselves, especially if they are malfunctioning. There's a tremendous amount of very hot water under pressure inside that tank — it's easily capable of causing severe burns. Read More