Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New PipesBathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

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Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

When I decided to add a pedestal sink and claw foot tub to my bathroom, I had no idea how much new plumbing I had to run. Since I had never run pipes before, I wasn't sure how to do it properly. I did a lot of research before I started so that I could be sure that I was doing it right. As I was researching, I knew that it would be helpful to have all of the information I found in one place. That was the inspiration for this site. I hope that the plumbing resources help you with your next home improvement project.

Diagnosing Strange Plumbing Noiss

The plumbing throughout a home is typically relatively quiet. Sure, you can hear a toilet flush or the occasional pop from a hot water heater, but repeated or jarring noises shouldn't be an issue. The following guide can help you determine the cause if your plumbing suddenly gets a lot noisier.

Gurgling Drains

Gurgling in the drains typically occurs when water is running into the drain or right after you turn off the tap, but occasionally you may hear drain gurgling when no one is using the affected sink. These gurgles are the result of trapped air caused by a developing clog in the drain pipe. You may also notice that the drain is emptying more slowly, although this isn't always the case. Fortunately, a plumber can clear the clog before the drain backs up, thus solving the gurgling problem.

Screeching Taps

There are two common causes for a screeching noise that occurs when you are running a faucet or shower head. If the screech only occurs when you are running hot water, there may be a pressure buildup in the hot water heater tank. A plumber will need to adjust or replace the pressure relief valve. If the screech occurs with both the hot and the cold water, then a washer or seal in the faucet has likely failed, which will require a simple replacement.

Banging Pipes

A loud banging in the pipes can be especially alarming. This is caused by something called water hammer. When the water pressure is too high, the water literally hammers into the shutoff valves when you turn off the water or adjust the flow. A plumber will check the valves and adjust the pressure regulators to solve the issue. Obstructions in the pipes, such as those caused by hard water, may also be the cause. The pipes must be flushed to remove these obstructions.

Whistling Fixtures

Whistling mainly affects shower heads and other fixtures with small holes in the spray nozzle. The noise is caused by hard water deposits blocking the small sprayer holes. Cleaning the nozzle or shower head or replacing it completely will eliminate the whistling noise.

Hissing Faucets

Sometimes a faucet may sound like it is hissing from inside the fixture when you turn it on. This is another issue that is caused by high water pressure. An adjustment of the pressure regulator or the installation of an additional regulator may be necessary.

Contact a plumber at a company like Arnold & Sons Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Services if you are experiencing strange sounds from your fixtures or pipes so you can have the issue repaired before it becomes worse.