Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New PipesBathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

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Bathroom Renovations 101: Running New Pipes

When I decided to add a pedestal sink and claw foot tub to my bathroom, I had no idea how much new plumbing I had to run. Since I had never run pipes before, I wasn't sure how to do it properly. I did a lot of research before I started so that I could be sure that I was doing it right. As I was researching, I knew that it would be helpful to have all of the information I found in one place. That was the inspiration for this site. I hope that the plumbing resources help you with your next home improvement project.

4 Times Your Plumbing Could Benefit From Professional Drain Cleaning

Dealing with a clogged drain is frustrating, and if you have a repeated problem with clogs in a drain or toilet, it may be time to call in a plumber to put an end to your frustration. Here are four indications your plumbing needs professional drain cleaning.

1. When There Are Odors Or Flies

You can get rid of flies and drain odors sometimes by using baking soda and vinegar in your drains, but when you can't get rid of bad odors, or if drain flies are a nuisance, then it's time to call in a plumber.

One solution a plumber might try is washing out the drain with a hydro jet. This uses a stream of water under pressure that can scour off the sides of the drain to get rid of everything that's clinging to the sides.

2. When Your Tub Is Slow To Drain

A sign of a building clog in a drain is when water starts draining out slowly. You may notice this when your bathtub takes a long time to drain. You may especially notice it when you take a shower and the drain is so slow that water builds up around your feet.

This might occur when the main sewer drain is clogging. When the clog gets bad enough, sewage could even start backing up in your tub. A clog in a sewer drain can be caused by many things, but tree roots are often to blame. A plumber can cut through the roots with a drain auger or hydro jet to clear the clog and clean out the drain.

3. When You Have To Plunge The Toilet Often

The toilet can give the first indication of a drain clog. It's normal if you need to plunge the toilet occasionally, but if it turns into a frequent thing, then there could be a clog building in the drain. Call a plumber to clean the line because your toilet could back up and overflow if the clog isn't cleared in time.

The plumber may be able to clean the drain through the cleanout located outside to push debris through the line. Common culprits for clogs in toilets include baby wipes and other thick paper products, such as paper towels, that don't dissolve very fast in water.

4. When The Kitchen Drain Is Completely Clogged

Kitchen drains are notorious for clogging due to grease and food bits that go down the drain. You can usually unclog a kitchen drain with vigorous plunging or using hot water, but when nothing you try works, then call for help.

You can't go for long without the use of your kitchen sink, and calling a plumber is a fast way to deal with the problem. The plumber may use a hydro jet to blast grease off the sides of the drain and then wash all the debris away.